How to Backup Outlook Calendar?

You might have come across the situation where you had set some reminder in your calendar of Outlook. But, due to some reason, Outlook gets corrupted and your calendar couldn’t remind you anything. There is a need for a scheduler, which can regularly backup your PST file so that those are automatically recovered even if get corrupted due to some reason. Here in order to backup Outlook calendar and other Outlook attributes, one has to make use of tool to PST backup software.

Using backup PST file application it is possible to migrate Outlook settings and data from older version to a new version of Outlook or from one version of Windows OS to the other version without any complication. The internal scheduling feature of this software provides option to backup Outlook on regular intervals so that user always has the latest backup available. This scheduler feature can backup PST files on MS Outlook 2003 regularly on weekly or monthly basis. Therefore, in event of data loss, users need not to worry at all.

PST file can get corrupted due to various reasons. When PST file gets corrupted, an error message will pop up saying that PST file is corrupted and Outlook cannot be accessed. In this case, user doesn’t want to miss data from Outlook. Never to miss any important data, a precaution should take to store backup instantly using scheduler feature of backup PST file software. Backup PST file software provides such feature in order to backup Outlook calendar and other Outlook data stored in PST file. It can backup Outlook 2007 PST file and provides option to create and associate numerous backup profiles. To know more, click here Backup PST file software creates four restore points in order to get back to the previous Outlook state when there is a corruption in the PST file.

During OS upgrading or reinstallation if any errors take place, then those lead to corruption of operating system and data. It also includes corruption of PST file. In other case, sharing a PST file over a local or untrusted network also corrupts PST file. In order to restore PST file user has to make use of backup PST file software. This software is able to backup emails from PST file of Outlook 2007 and other Outlook items. Backup PST file software also can backup Outlook calendar on Outlook 2007 PST file. Even if user has accidentally deleted emails then it is possible to restore the recent deleted emails from the backup with the help of backups created using the advanced scheduler, which automatically backup PST file. Beside the creation of email back up, you can also employ this application to back up your appointments on Outlook. It is similarly efficient to back up calender, notes, events, RSS feeds and all other attributes easily.

PST file also gets corrupted due to virus infection and user won’t be able to access Outlook data in PST file. Along with this, abrupt shutdown of system without closing Outlook also leads to PST file corruption. In these cases, it is possible to backup Outlook calendar and other attributes by making use of backup PST file software. This software can support MS Outlook 2010 PST backup including other versions. For more information, click here Also, using backup PST file software one can backup PST file after PST file corruption due to errors during PST compaction process.

Steps to Backup Outlook Calendar

Step I: Download and install Outlook Backup and Migrate Tool. As you launch the tool, home screen appears, Choose "Backup" option from the home screen.

Backup Outlook Calendar - Main Window

Fig 1 : Main Window

Step II: Choose "Create New Backup Profile" option to create the backup profile and select Outlook items whose backup need to be taken and click "Next" button.

Backup Outlook Calendar - Create Backup Profile Screen

Fig 2 : Create Backup Profile Screen

Step III: Choose the destination drive from the Backup Settings option and click on "Next" button. After completing the backup process, you can view the backup summary.

Backup Outlook Calendar - Preview Screen

Fig 3 : Preview Screen