Backup Outlook 2007 PST File

How to backup Outlook 2007 PST file data?

Backups are always a good idea mainly because, losing Outlook 2007 PST files data is more frustrating. If a disaster strikes or if you do suffer a serious hard drive crash then you should be able to restore all your Outlook 2007 data as soon as you want it to be recovered. Shouldn’t you??? Obviously, yes!!! This is because, losing years of emails, all your personal Outlook settings, contact info of your beloved ones etc. due to hard drive crash or disaster strike make you anxious!!! If you have not taken a backup of Mailbox and other Outlook attributes and such a disaster strikes then you will have nothing and you need to start literally from the scratch. Therefore, never to loose such important data, user has to make use of backup PST file utility, which can backup Outlook calendar items and other Outlook data from PST file. To know more details, click here

Taking backup of Outlook data is also necessary when you want to upgrade the Outlook 2007 or to reinstall it due to hard drive crash. If you had to uninstall and install your Outlook 2007, imagine how tiresome, complicated and time consuming it would be if you had to save the entire Outlook attributes one by one on your hard disk. It can easily and safely backup Outlook 2010 PST file data like emails, calendar entries, appointments, events, RSS feeds etc. If the upgradation process of Outlook gets interrupted due to any reasons like abrupt system shutdown or sudden power failure then you may end up in losing all your essential emails and other Outlook data.  Therefore, it is essential to take a backup of entire Outlook data before proceeding to upgrade the Outlook. As you know, Outlook 2007 data file i.e. PST contains .pst extension. All your emails and other attributes are stored in this PST file. So, you can take a backup of all your outlook 2007 items by simply taking backup of this single file only. As a result, the restoring process of the Outlook 2007 data also becomes extremely simple. It is the best way to create backup of Outlook archive folder along with other important Outlook data.

Generally, there are two approaches to take surrogate of Outlook 2007 data and settings i.e. manual and automated. Manual backup is a hard way to backup your Outlook 2007 PS file. This is because, in this case, you need to manually locate and copy your PST file. Simply copying PST file does not backup your account settings. In order to take a backup of account settings you need to write it down or you need to create screen captures of each account setting screen. This process is difficult and often more frustrating. If anything wrong happens during the backup process then there will be a chance of losing your Outlook 2007 data. This application is so efficient that it can back up each item of your Outlook profile easily. If you need to back up your appointments from your Outlook profile you can proceed the back up process using this tool easily.

The easiest way to backup your Outlook 2007 data is to use an excellent utility called as Outlook Backup and Migrate software. This software not only backup your Outlook 2007 data file, it also restore it and migrate the PST file along with its setting in an easy way. It can backup emails from Outlook 2007 PST file along with its personal user settings. To know details, click here If you are using the latest version of Outlook i.e. MS Outlook 2010 and want to backup its PST file then you can use this software. Using this tool, you can easily backup Outlook email contacts to external drive.

Quick steps to backup Outlook 2007 PST file data

Step 1: Download and launch Outlook Backup and Migrate software to backup Outlook PST file and then launch it. Once you launch the software, select “Backup” option from the Main screen. Now, click on “Create New Backup Profile” button if backup profiles are not created and click on “Next” option to proceed.

How to Backup Outlook 2007 PST File Data - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the destination drive from the Backup Settings option and then click on “Next” button. After that, a window appears to schedule backups. In order to schedule a backup, configure all the settings and then click on “Next” button.

How to Backup Outlook 2007 PST File Data - Select Destination Drive Screen

Fig 2 : Select Destination Drive Screen

Step 3: As the backup process gets completed, a confirmation message will be displayed. As you click on “OK“ option, the backup summary will be displayed.

How to Backup Outlook 2007 PST File Data - Backup Summery

Fig 3 : Backup Summery