Backup Outlook Folders

Smart Way To Backup Outlook Folders

Having an email account is very important for professionals, students and home users also. Managing email account on MS Outlook makes it more fascinating to make fast and interactive communication between business clients, friends and others. As you are receiving and composing emails regularly, there might be a good collection of read/unread mails and attachments in your Outlook account. During regular use of Outlook program, you may encounter unexpected data crisis resulting in Outlook PST file corruption after that you may find entire PST data inaccessible. Therefore, to keep emails, contacts, attachments and other PST file data secure from several data loss issues, the best way is to make backup of Outlook folders. To create backup in a secure and effective way, you should proceed with proficient backup tool such as Backup PST File software.

Before going through backup process with this application, let us have a look on situations where we may find Outlook PST file inaccessible after corruption. Corruption to PST file header may be a serious catastrophe as it contains essential information regarding file accessibility and once it is corrupted, you will not be able to access Outlook PST data. As we are discussing about backup strategy, oversized PST file is also a big issue where we need to maintain backup. If you are not removing useless emails and other data or not archiving it, size of PST file may be exceeded to its defined limit and then you will not be able to extract Outlook data from broken PST file. In such circumstances, feasible way is to make use of software to backup Outlook items before getting hold in such crisis.

Abrupt termination of Outlook program can also lead to PST file corruption. When you are operating on Outlook emails or other items, and the same time, you quit the program without closing file, it may result in damaging PST file. Same consequence can take place if you computer system gets shut down because of abrupt power surge. Sometime, you may suspect MS Outlook not responding or malfunctioning and find yourself unable to operate on PST file attributes. Moreover, malfunctioning Outlook can be crashed at any instance and then PST file is get damaged or corrupted. Outlook can also be crashed if it is not installed properly or it is resided on hard drive bad sectors. To stay away from such unexpected disasters, it is the best way to maintain backup of PST data. Therefore, you need this tool.

Backup PST File application is fashioned with advanced technology that makes it highly effective in creating backup of Outlook emails, attachments, appointments, contacts and other PST file folders. A one-click process enables Outlook users to create backup of different Outlook folders by making a single click only. It supports all preferred Outlook versions that is Outlook 2000 and it is later and compatible on different Windows computers. If you are running Outlook on Windows 7 and looking for a want to know, how to backup Outlook PST, just click here

Follow below mentioned procedure to Backup Outlook Folders

Step I: Download and install Outlook Backup and Migrate application on your computer. Launch the application, you will find a home screen appears where you have to choose "Backup" option.

Backup Outlook Folders - Main Window

Fig 1 : Main Window

Step II: Select "Create New Backup Profile" option to make a backup profile and select Outlook folders whose backup need to be created then click on "Next" button.

Backup Outlook Folders - Option to Create Backup Profile

Fig 2 : Option to Create Backup Profile

Step III: Set a destination drive from the Backup Settings option and click on "Next" tab. After accomplishment of the backup process, you can check the backup summary.

Backup Outlook Folders - Preview Screen

Fig 3 : Preview Screen