How to Backup PST File On Windows 7

Thinking of how to Backup your PST on Windows 7? Then here is the answer for your question, a smart and effective Backup PST tool which can backup PST emails, calendar, contacts, meetings, journals, notes and other PST attributes in windows 7, XP, Vista and other Windows version. Backup of Outlook data plays a vital role in bad times. Experts always advice you take backup of your important data.

But why to take backup of PST file on Windows 7:

There are many reasons to take backup, as expert says it is good practice to do and move over it saves you from losing your important data permanently. You can continue your work without any interrupts in situation when your PST file gets corrupted, and at times your data gets modified due to some unknown reason and you need the original data you can get it, if you had a backup. When your system gets crashed due to malfunctioning of software or hardware.

Some common factors due which PST gets Corrupted:

  • When it gets affected by a virus it gets corrupted.
  • When its size gets over 2GB.
  • Due to error in synchronization.
  • Human mistakes.
  • During sharing on the network.

You might think why to need a Backup tool for PST?

Because when you copy your PST file in a new PST file it just copies the data but not your profile settings. Which may create a bit of problem while using it, with all new setting other than the one which you made for yourself. But the Backup PST tool will backup your PST files with all your customized settings in a new file. By which you get the same environment to work with your backup PST also. Backup Outlook 2007 PST files data like emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, journal, RSS feeds and Outlook settings. Using this tool you can create upto 4 restoring points to restore your previous state of Outlook profile. The tool allows to create and associate number of backup profiles. Migration of PST backup from older to newer version and from one operating system to another can be done very easily. The software also compatible with Windows operating systems like Microsoft, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 etc. As both the versions of software is available on the site Trail as well as Full version, use the trail version to get a clear idea about the Software. To know more information to backup Outlook 2003 PST file, click here

Steps to Backu PST File using PST File Backup Tool:

1: Download and install the trail version of the PST File Backup utility. After successful launch you will get a window with two different options like "SMART BACKUP" and "ADVANCED BACKUP". Select “SMART BACKUP” option to create automated backup of the Outlook Data.

Backup PST On Windows 7 - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

2: Once you select the 1st option, the software asks you to select the PST files to be backed up. Chose the PST file through "Browse" button and click on "Next".

Backup PST On Windows 7 - Choose PST

Fig 2: Choose PST

3: Once the backup process is finished a confirmation message will be shown. After clicking on "OK" button you will get a list of the backed up files in detail.

Backup PST On Windows 7 - Backuped PST Files

Fig 3: Backuped PST Files